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Wen Lambo Gold 1/1

Mosaic art pieces crafted in digital glass and cyber gold. Exclusively on Hedera

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FUD terminator

I am a life long artist, drawing since I was two years old, and working primarily in traditional mediums (pencil, colored pencil, marker, airbrush). The last few years I've been doing comic book sketch cover art, and I've decided to delve into the world of NFTs! Enjoy my first Hedera project - BarBots!

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Not A Prediction BUT, I'm just saying WHAT IF ~ When pixelized nature are dancing in a fluent harmony ~ we should see the future.

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3D AR-compatible NFTs

These NFTs can be viewed in AR mode on any mobile device - walk around, under, over... place them in your living room why not?

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Gold Dipped Diamond Hands

Professional Creative Designer - all original high quality pieces

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Komusubi Kumquats

I am a professional performing visual artist at Pacific Northwest Ballet in Seattle.

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